Make your energy smarter

Manage the energy in a totally new way. Act consciously and run your business in an environmentally friendly way. Become a conscious energy consumer and start saving now!

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Manage The Energy In a New Way

Manage Energy Consumption And Production

Quick installation of a dedicated device allows you to track energy consumption and production in real time for each consumption point.

Use The Online Platform

As a user, you get access to the platform where you can check all information related to energy, including offers from suppliers.

Reduce Energy Costs

Monitor energy costs and generate savings by making recommended decisions.

Contract Energy In a New Way

By tracking electricity market prices, the platform creates purchasing strategies tailored to your business and recommends contracting at the best time.

Save Money!

The platform performs a continuous audit of energy consumption and costs and compares the offers of sellers based on the real consumption of your company. By recommending the right action, it helps reduce losses in energy consumption and costs.

Green Your Business

If you can't measure something, you can't manage it. Thanks to an innovative approach to energy management, you have an impact on every aspect associated with it. Choosing a conscious, environment-friendly path, you build a positive image of your company.


By consciously using energy and supported by reliable data decisions, you influence how the future of our planet will look. Only continuous control allows measuring the effects of decisions and further actions. Don't let a lack of control affect the quality of your decisions.

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The winning idea of Startup Weekend Krakow 2018 is very up to date - it is a solution for companies that monitor electricity consumption in order to negotiate with suppliers. The authors are specific, professional and determined, we hope to see them again, this time in action on the market.